Escape Hotel Hollywood-The Attic



You are not welcome! She is furious. Almost a century ago there was a couple living in this house. The wife had a baby, but the little girl turned out to be very ugly. Her parents were ashamed of her, so the mother locked her up in the attic. She didn’t want anyone to see her ever again. She had clothes, food and toys. But that’s all she got.

Elena grew up lonely until something evil happened. A demon came along…from that moment on, she did everything she could to take revenge on her parents and anyone who ever visited the house. No guests were allowed. She scared away everyone and put a spell on her father and mother so they could never leave the house. Many people died in the house, and now you are here in this attic. All she wants is to play. Will you? Be careful do not upset her…Good Luck!


Our team just can’t get enough of Escape Hotel Hollywood!

As one of the newer games at the facility this room demonstrates the potential of this industry properly setting up a theme that is unique, creepy, and scary all at the same time. The set’s are intricately designed and as mentioned on previous rooms, the experience starts from the moment that you walk in the front door. As you are waiting to check into your room you patiently wait in the lobby of a hotel and every detail is accounted for. Yes-even your admission tickets are themed! Perhaps the most intriguing part of this facility is the way that they have made their team members a part of the overall show! Respectively, check in at the front desk is always enjoyable as your host greets you and prepares you. A major shout out to the girl at the front desk who checked us in on the day of our game-She was animated, entertaining, and welcoming-The exact team member that every entertainment venue would want!

The room itself was extremely detailed and employed technology in a way that made us jump a few feet at times! I won’t give away any secrets, however, the opening scene is amazing! Possibly the best first clue that I have ever seen! The room also has a different take on “working in the dark” which I first thought would be a miss, however, found it rather enjoyable as it forces you to use all of your senses in ways not typically seen in an escape room. There will definitely be parts of this game that make you jump, and some that might even leave you stumped and thinking “Is this room actually haunted?”


Let me start by saying that we did find this room to be rather challenging and probably isn’t for a beginner or younger audience. We did find ourselves asking for multiple hints and in full disclosure were unable to escape in the allotted time. On that note, let’s start with the good-The puzzles properly blended theme with technology and fit well with the objectives of the game. You are never taken out of character, and there is plenty to do in the 60 minutes that you have. With multiple challenges you can split up your team to work on individual assignments, yet still find plenty of overlap that forces you to communicate.

One of our only suggestions for this room is to remove what we later referred to as “the impossible puzzle!” Unfortunately, we got stuck on one puzzle that we spent nearly 20 minutes on and were never able to figure out. It could definitely be argued that it was our own fault (which it probably was), however, the worst part is that there is no way to give a clue or skip this step. This one impossible puzzle left us so frustrated that it actually took away from the game play.

Our general rule is that puzzles should never detract from an experience and should be able to be “skipped” either by a hint or through self-omission. We loved the room so much that we wanted to experience the whole thing. In being so unique, we hate to think that anything at all would take away from the overall experience!


Simply put-You must go visit Escape Hotel Hollywood! The place is amazing, the rooms never disappoint, and the staff always goes the extra mile to make sure you have a truly enjoyable time. Every time we visit we are impressed by the level of detail at the facility and find something new that we did not previously see! My recommendation is even to arrive a little bit early to enjoy a snack or two in the lobby that you can get right at the facility!

While we were a little detracted by the puzzles in The Attic, I am sure that plenty of players have had success in getting through the room and find them all enjoyable. I think our only worry is that there is no way for us to skip the puzzles that we found truly impossible!

Nevertheless, there is not a room we have completed at Escape Hotel Hollywood that we wouldn’t recommend! The level of detail alone is worth the visit. We will absolutely keep returning to Escape Hotel Hollywood and can’t wait to see what the team has in store. Just remain cautious if you choose to check in here-We saw first hand that “The Attic” is haunted…Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself!