Kryptic Tales-The Mystery of Stillwater Asylum



A serial killer is on the loose and he's about to strike again. You and your team must break into Stillwater Asylum and figure out who will be the killer's next victim. Find the next victim, solve the mystery, and escape the asylum before it's too late!


Themed to murder mystery this escape room does a wonderful job of immersing you and your friends into a back story. The room is very well kept with props and scenes appearing just as I imagine that they did when the room first launched. We love it! The room ties in technology into the story line and simultaneously employs a good use of legacy props that offers no physical challenge, yet still has you moving around enough to where you don’t become tired of reading through static props. Overall it is a well themed room that does stay true to the story line from start to finish.


The puzzles in this room were all very fair in nature and none took a giant leap that just didn’t make sense. There were an ample number of puzzles that took us from start to finish and gave us plenty to do. One thing we love to see from escape rooms are puzzles that challenge you and your team to work together. This room had plenty of them. Also a word of caution-these puzzles are not always as simplistic as they may seem (in a very good way!) Do not be fooled into thinking that a solve will be easy or quick as many times those were the ones that took us the longest. This is a newer room that certainly has thought put into it by its owners. While it might not be the most challenging escape room you will ever complete, it will certainly leave you feeling excited and happy when your time is up!


Kryptic Tales in our eyes can be classified as a great quality escape room that is worth the money to play! We definitely recommend this room as the puzzles and theme will provide you with plenty of fun in your time there! We are very excited for this franchise as we believe that this is the type of room that anyone would want in this industry. One that provides plenty of immersion, thought, and tasks in the time allotted to you. It is a quality room that is perfect for a beginner to intermediate player and certainly one we would recommend checking out!



Brandon Vargo