Code Red Escape Rooms-The Mystical Murderess



What you thought was a typical dinner party turns into an evening of horror when you find yourself locked in the study of your host, the spiritualist enthusiast Lady Dyre.  Guests have a tendency to go missing after visiting her home, and you just might be her next victim!

Will you trust the spirits of her victims to guide you to safety?  Or are you simply a means to their own ends?


The theme of this room is a well thought out theme that is both creepy and satisfying.  The room itself is extremely clean and well kept and looks like the decor could be from your Grandma's House.  There are a fair share of hidden features that will surprise you in your journey to get out!  It is evident that the team at this location cares about the upkeep of their facility and put a good deal of thought and planning into its execution.  Although the marketing is slightly misleading for this room, as we thought we would experience at least one natural phenomena, there is enough of a theme present to at least see the design was thought out.


The puzzles of this room honestly had our team split with opinions.  Unfortunately, these puzzles will be easily forgotten as they were somewhat basic in nature and not entirely challenging for our team.  We do believe that to be the biggest issue this facility will face as there wasn't that "Wow" moment that would transform this room into a one that is a must play or has to be recommended to your friends!  Nevertheless, we see so much potential for greatness here that we are very confident we would come back and visit again.  Most facilities that receive this score receive it as an indication that their run is close to over.  We see the opposite in this facility and believe that great things are coming and this is just the beginning!


Overall this room was a very average room with a puzzle and theme that is standard in the industry.  If anything, the theme was slightly above average and the puzzles were slightly below.  We do believe that this team has some things to figure out before becoming a must do facility, however, we genuinely believe they have the ability to get there!  I would recommend this room to a beginner or younger crowd, however, for that escape room enthusiast you may want to hold off.  There wasn't anything in this room that makes it particularly unique to the industry.