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theparksman podcast-Designing the Future, Drones, What Makes a Great GM

This week on the Parksman Podcast: What is the future for “future themed” attractions and lands? How do you make a great theme park General Manager? Where are drones fitting into the themed entertainment industry? 

June 11, 2017


thePARKSMAN Podcast-Las Vegas, Dark Rides, Virtual Reality

This week we discuss the plausibility of theme parks in Las Vegas, the future of dark rides in lower budget parks, and how VR is breaking into the industry.

May 22, 2017


theparksman podcast-Walt Disney World: 5th Gate, EPCOT Festivals, Virtual Queues

In our first Disney-specific episode, your fellow Parksmen (and women) discuss the possibility of a WDW 5th Gate, what could be taking over EPCOT during the summer months, and how Universal’s amazing Volcano Bay could be shaking things up at the Disney parks.

May 17, 2017