How to Win?

There is no secret that applies to all escape rooms and unlocks the answers to pass any puzzle. There are simply too many rooms and too much imagination in the world that would make a single answer possible. That said, our team has played many rooms and has broken our techniques down into three simple tips seen below that help us to succeed. Always remember, don’t get worked up if you don’t escape-That’s the point of the rooms-They must remain challenging enough so there is a chance you will be defeated!

Take it all in!

When playing an escape room our approach is to typically use the first 10 minutes to gather as much information about the room as possible and then use the remaining time to figure the puzzles out. If you start jumping right into the clues trying to solve the master puzzle first, chance are you won’t find all the things needed to get out. Spread your group out and look high and low. If needed, split the room up into sections and have team members explore their section before switching. This will help you ensure that no aspect of the room is overlooked.

communicate early and often!

Communication is key for escape rooms. There has never been a room that we played where we won in silence. Pay attention to your teammates as it is often the ideas of others that will make you see things in a different light. If you try to solve the puzzles yourself and keep clues from others you are going to miss how you solve the big picture. Remember there are multiple people in the room for a reason-Use them all and don’t feel like you have to complete the room in a linear fashion. Often times multiple puzzles can be solved at once and you need each other to stay in sync.

Never give up!

I cannot tell you how many times that we almost lost, because we couldn’t figure out one clue. Then, suddenly, it would come to us! Most escape rooms will give you the opportunity to ask for hints-Use them! If there truly is a puzzle that is holding you up spend a couple minutes on it, consult with your team, and if things just aren’t being seen-Use your hints. Most escape room owners want you to complete the room and have a good time. Remember the rooms are entertainment, and others have completed them. Stay persistent and don’t get discouraged.